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Basic Surgical Instruments

E.R. Suture Set

Retail Price: $637.90
Your Price: $458.20

This kit contains emergency room suturing instruments.

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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Basic Vaginal Instrument Set

Retail Price: $2,874.90
Your Price: $2,065.91

This kit contains the basic instruments needed for vaginal surgery.

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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Suturing Set

Item# 90030JNYDDM
Retail Price: $208.67
Your Price: $170.07

in stock Unit: 24/case
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Surgeons and physicians alike know the value of quality and precision when it comes to selecting the basic surgical instruments they use on a daily basis to perform both routine and emergency surgeries and procedures. Not only are the surgical instruments from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company guaranteed to be the right tool for the job, but they also offer our customers an excellent value. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company brings you the best basic surgical instruments, made from the world's finest manufacturers, and available to you at significant discounts off the retail price so you don't have to sacrifice quality for value.


We hand-pick our basic surgical instruments from the world's leading surgical equipment manufacturers and offer them to you at low prices so you don�t have to waste valuable time searching for the right equipment. We want you and your patients to expect great quality every time and this is why we have taken the guesswork out of shopping for state of the art medical and surgical supplies and have only chosen the best to ensure success in your practice or hospital.


Our extensive collection of basic surgical instruments includes:


  • Tools for Cutting and Dissecting: Browse through our massive selection of disposable or re-usable Surgery Scalpels, Scalpel Blades or Scalpel Holders. We also offer high-quality Dissecting & Surgical Scissors, including Bandage Scissors, Enterotomy Scissors, or even Wire Cutting Scissors. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company is your number one source for the world�s best Surgical & Operating Scissors, which are available in a multitude of sizes.


  • Clamps and Occluding: Our state of the art Surgical Clamps includes Bone, Bull dog, Cardiovascular, Cartilage, Payr Pylorous, Pediatric, Rectal, Towel, Tubing, Urological or Vascular Clamps.
  • Grasping and Holding: We offer only the finest in Medical & Surgical Forceps, Surgical Applicators, Medical Curettes and Medical Probes.
  • Retracting and Exposing: Our top-quality Retractors include Abdominal, Eye, Gynecology, Handheld, Laminectomy, Pediatric, Pelvic, Rectal, Rhinoplastic, Self-Retaining, Skin, Thoracic, Tissue, Trachea, Urological, Uvula, or Vein & Nerve Surgical Retractors. We also have a supply of Surgical Rongeurs available for both Neurological and Orthopedic applications.


Our basic surgical instruments also include Surgical Magnifying Loupes, which are available in 2.5x, 3.0x, or 3.5x magnifications, for flexibility in surgical assistance. We also carry a wide selection of I.V. Stands, Solutions and Accessories. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company also offers secondary operating room instruments, such as Lighted Magnifier Lamps, Instrument Racks, Stringers, Tables and Trays, for storing our basic surgical instruments.

Basic Ear Set

Retail Price: $2,236.62
Your Price: $1,600.08

This kit includes the basic instruments necessary to perform ear surgery.

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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Basic Orthopedic Soft Tissue Set

Retail Price: $4,532.26
Your Price: $3,259.13

This kit contains the basic instruments necessary for surgery on orthopedic ...

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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Neurosurgical-Laminectomy Set

Retail Price: $12,124.06
Your Price: $8,819.19

This kit contains instruments that are necessary for performing laminectomy ...

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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