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Enucleation Eye Scissors

7.5in - Grey Utility Scissors

Item# 2707-32JJ
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Your Price: $8.85

7.5in - Grey utility scissors

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Dissecting Surgical Scissors Curved Metzenbaum 5 1/2 in.

Item# 5118280SDMMD
Retail Price: $30.66
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Curved Bl/Bl 5 1/2 in.14 cm

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4.5in Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Straight

Item# 211-071FSI
Retail Price: $113.80
Your Price: $86.63

These Stevens super cut tenotomy scissors are 4.5 inches, and straight.

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Enucleations are not a glamorous operation to perform or to undergo, but, nonetheless, they occur, and when they do, it is important for the operating surgeon to be prepared with the tools necessary to do the job. When it comes to performing these and similar operations, surgeons must have the best Enucleation Eye Scissors necessary in order to maintain the integrity and success of their practice. This is why we only offer top of the line enucleation scissors to our customers.


Our reliable and dependable, 5 inch, straight, stainless steel enucleation scissors are perfect to perform operations relating to the removal of the eye to treat a variety of symptoms, including malignant tumors, and to prevent inflammation of the eye proceeding blindness. Surgeons performing these and other related operations need instruments that are sterile, reliable and dependable. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company has not only hand-picked their enucleation scissors from the finest the world has to offer, but we offer them to you at a discounted rate. Other medical suppliers charge $100 or more for the same straight enucleation eye scissors that we offer for much less!


When looking for high-quality materials and trusted craftsmanship, along with great value, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company has that and much more to offer in their wide selection of state-of-the-art medical supplies and equipment. When it comes to saving you money and providing you with the best equipment your money can buy, look no further than Medical Supplies & Equipment Company for all of your medical supplies and equipment needs.


Our enucleation eye scissors offer our customers only the finest in materials, craftsmanship and value. Our top-of-the-line, high-quality enucleation eye scissors are the tools top surgeons need in order to perform the operations that matter most proficiently and successfully every time! When it comes to surgeons’ concerns, along with the concerns of their patients, trust Medical Supplies & Equipment Company with providing you with the finest tools and equipment you need to make your patients thank you every time. Our enucleation eye scissors and Medical medical curettes guarantee this, and more, and this is why you can count on Medical Supplies & Equipment Company for all of your health care needs. Shop from our wide selection of medical supplies and accessories, including our high-quality enucleation eye scissors and medical curettes, to guarantee success in all of your forthcoming procedures and surgeries.


Enterotomy Scissors with Probe Tip 8 in

Item# 855-569FSI
Retail Price: $91.08
Your Price: $69.33

in stock Unit: single
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Barraquer Iris Scissors

Item# 034-301FSI
Retail Price: $392.20
Your Price: $302.55

The 2-1/4", angled 7mm blades, blunt point scissors.

in stock Unit: single
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Operating Scissors, Curved, Sharp/Blunt

Item# 115-001FSI
Retail Price: $36.90
Your Price: $28.10


in stock Unit: single
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