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Strabismus Scissors

Dissecting Surgical Scissors Curved Metzenbaum 9 in.

Item# 3272080SDMMD
Retail Price: $83.98
Your Price: $70.12

Curved Sh/Sh 9 in.23 cm

in stock Unit: single
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Micro Iris Scissors

Item# 305-301FSI
Retail Price: $46.90
Your Price: $35.71

The 4" curved sharp, very delicate scissors.

in stock Unit: single
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6.5in - S/ B, Straight, Serrated Canine Scissors

Item# 0251-54JJ
Retail Price: $19.93
Your Price: $13.53

6.5in - Sharp/ blunt, straight, serrated canine scissors

in stock Unit: single
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Instruments designed for the treatment of Strabismus, also called ocular misalignment, have developed from years of scientific and medical research in order to perform specific tasks related to this specific eye surgery. Performed as outpatient surgery or in a hospital, this delicate procedure is performed using tools, such as Strabismus Scissors, which are specifically designed for the eye, and cannot be replaced with any other surgical or medical instrument. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company keeps this precision and attention to detail in mind when offering our high quality Strabismus Scissors and other Surgical Scissors to our customers at discounted prices every day—so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for value.


Strabismus Scissors from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company are manufactured according to the world’s best craftsmanship, and using only the finest materials, these tools are built to perform consistently and successfully time and time again. All of our medical and surgical scissors are made of high quality stainless steel, and are built to last. Our stainless steel curved or straight-tipped Strabismus Scissors measure 4 ½ inches in length, which offers added flexibility and range of cutting maneuvers, and guarantees you will have the right tool necessary to perform the job, whatever that job may be. We even carry the specially designed, 4 ½ inch Bowman Scissors, which have curved blades with probe tips, for use in specific types of Strabismus or other eye surgeries.


Not only are our Strabismus Scissors designed to withstand their sharp cutting properties over time, but they are available to you at significant discounts off of the retail price. Whether you are looking to acquire the best tools necessary to perform certain jobs, or you are replacing older, out-dated equipment with top of the line tools, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company has the right tools for you at the right price, so you don’t have to break your budget in order to afford the finest tools and supplies that are available. 


Our fine selection of discount Strabismus Scissors is guaranteed to provide you with the right tools that work for your physicians, your patients and your budget. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company has even taken the guesswork out of buying medical supplies and equipment by providing our customers with top of the line medical supplies and equipment that are hand-picked from the world’s best manufacturers and offers them to our customers at significant discounts—what more would you expect from a supplier you can trust? When it comes to finding the world’s best surgical scissors at unbeatably low prices, look no further than Medical Supplies & Equipment Company for all of your medical and surgical supplies and needs.


Whatever your requirements, you can find what you are looking for today in our online inventory.  If you have any questions or need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480. Our staff is ready to assist you.

6.5in Utility Scissors, Sharp/Blunt

Item# 495-001FSI
Retail Price: $92.54
Your Price: $69.41

These scissors are 6.5 inches and curved, and feature sharp/blunt points.

in stock Unit: single
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3.7in Stitch Scissors, Ribbon Type

Item# 670-447FSI
Retail Price: $80.92
Your Price: $60.69

These stitch scissors feature extra fine blades with a light curve.

in stock Unit: single
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Operating Scissors, Curved, Sharp/Sharp

Item# 965-121FSI
Retail Price: $161.90
Your Price: $121.43

These scissors are 5.5 inches,curved, and feature sharp/sharp blades.

in stock Unit: single
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