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Surgical Instruments

Obstetrical Kits

Item# 2094DYN
Retail Price: $115.00
Your Price: $87.54

The complete disposable obstetrical kit comes with all the necessary compon ...

in stock Unit: 10/case
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E.R. Suture Set

Retail Price: $637.90
Your Price: $458.20

This kit contains emergency room suturing instruments.

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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Wet Skin Scrub E Kits

Item# 06707DNYDMD
Retail Price: $179.00
Your Price: $159.79
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Sterile E Kits were designed to allow clinicians to provide excellent patie ...

in stock Unit: 20/order
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Skilled medical professionals know the value of technology and research that go into making state of the art surgical supplies and instruments. This is why Medical Supplies & Equipment Company is your leading source for high-quality, discounted basic surgical instruments that both medical and dental professionals need to ensure success in their practices.


Our selection of the world’s best medical and dental equipment manufacturers guarantee that we will have the finest basic surgical instruments for your practice or hospital, available to you at significant discounts every day. We select only the finest in quality and value when we hand-pick the manufacturers of our surgical instruments—so you don’t have to. From cosmetic surgeries to pediatrics, orthopedic to cardiovascular, we guarantee we will not only have the right tools to perform any number of general to specific surgeries, but we also offer these tools to you at significant discounts off of the suggested retail price. Some of our basic surgical instruments are also available to you in bulk quantities, which relate to more money that you save!


Browse from our top of the line selection of Dissecting & Surgical Scissors, Medical & Surgical Forceps or our Surgical Retractors for the best in quality and value. Our extensive collection of surgical instruments also includes a better than most selection of disposable and re-usable Surgery Scalpels and Blades, available in a variety of sizes for precise measurements and various uses.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company also offers a vast collection of Medical Needles, Syringes and Sutures, which can be utilized in a number of routine and emergency situations. We also carry hard to find Anesthesia, Dermal, Ear, Gall Bladder, Gynecological, Laryngeal, Micro Surgery, Nasal, Neurological, Obstetrical, Oral, Orthopedic, Plastic Surgery, Post Mortem, Rectal, Rhinoplastic, and Urological Instruments, all available to you at discount prices. 


Surgical Instruments from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company offer you with the flexibility of choosing the right tools to perform the most general or specific procedures, without spending valuable time searching for them. All of our basic surgical instruments are available to you from our website, which means you’ll have more time to spend on preparing for these important surgeries and less time worrying about equipment or your budget. We know your time is valuable. This is why Medical Supplies & Equipment Company brings you the best surgical instruments you need to perform any basic, or specific medical or dental procedures, all located in one place. From basic surgical instruments to general surgical instruments; medical surgeries or dental procedures, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company guarantees that you will have all of the right tools you need—as always, just a fingertip away.

Labor & Delivery Surgical Kits II

Item# 0528SJNYDMD
Retail Price: $233.78
Your Price: $195.24

Our labor and delivery surgical kits containsall the materialneeded to comp ...

in stock Unit: 6 kits
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Rectal Instrument Set

Retail Price: $4,301.22
Your Price: $3,126.11

This kit contains the instruments needed for rectal surgery.

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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Dilation & Curettage Set

Retail Price: $2,270.22
Your Price: $1,633.15

This kit contains the instruments necessary fordilation and curettage.

in stock Unit: 1 kit
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