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Handheld Ultraviolet Exam Light - No Magnifier

Item# 105VUBUR
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UV lights are universally accepted for diagnosing disease and injuries to t ...

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Hand Held Ultraviolet Examining Lights

Item# X305VUBUR
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This UV lightis universally accepted for diagnosing disease and injuries to ...

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5-Caster Mobility Base for Gooseneck Lamp

Item# 561002BWR
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This optional mobility base is ideal for all medical facilities.

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Versatility in flex lights is a key requirement when considering lighting options in the professional healthcare setting.  Whether in the examination room, office, clinic, procedure room, or wherever the particular environment may be, having appropriate and dependable flex lighting is necessary for the success and precise operations of any medical site.  Our on on-line catalog carries the best inventory of state-of-the-art flex lights designed to meet your specific needs in the most cost efficient manner.  From gooseneck lamps with variations in aesthetic design, light intensity, and cool operation, to a whole series of exam lights featuring high quality, low cost, and rugged operation, we carry a wide range of flex lights to satisfy the demanding requirements of the healthcare professional.  Whether you’re a physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, or social worker, look no further than Medical Supplies and Equipment Company as the primary provider for your particular needs in flex lights.


For your office, our inventory offers the finest quality flex lights in the industry.  Our Gooseneck Flex Light is unmatched for its ambient light output and professional design.  It features a durable and attractive, height adjustable chrome steel rod with a 12” long flexible gooseneck arm.  The inner and outer shade keeps the lamp cool even during extended use.  Though it has a sturdy chrome steel base, it’s still easy to maneuver.  Another of our flex lights is the Full Spectrum Flex Light featuring a 30” long flexible gooseneck arm and a height adjustable chrome tube.  The polished aluminum inner reflector is designed to concentrate the 60 watt full spectrum floodlight while minimizing the heat output.  The 5 leg base is designed for easy movement with each leg having 2” twin-wheel nylon casters. 


If you’ve been searching for the best in flex lights for examination rooms and procedures, we have what you’re looking for.  Our on on-line catalogue features the new state-of-the-art SuperNova Flex Light.  With its 2600 footcandles of light brightness, the SuperNova Flex Light is in a class of its own.  It delivers the intensity, coolness, performance, and aesthetic appeal unmatched in the profession.  Featuring a rugged 24” non sag gooseneck, these flex lights can withstand the heavy use and handling in the busiest of exam rooms.  Our inventory of flex lights also carries the Super Bright Spot Flex Light, a high intensity examination light that operates at cool temperatures, features a pre-focused spot and drift free positioning.  Ideal for exams, suturing, or any procedure requiring intense light, easy positioning, and reliability, the Super Bright Spot is a superior choice.  Both the SuperNova and Super Bright Spot feature a 4 wheel base, providing effortless and stable movement with a locking feature on 2 of the 4 casters.  We also carry the 35 watt halogen Gleamer Flex Light, designed for the most demanding specifications of the modern healthcare facility.  The Gleamer has a wide 33” swing radius, an extensive reach, and superior flexibility.  Without putting a dent in your budget, it offers maximum convenience with rugged durability.  The Gleamer comes in either standard beam spot or wide beam spot models. 


At Medical Supplies and Equipment Company, we are your all inclusive resource for all of your medical supplies and equipment needs.  Whatever your specifications and needs may be for flexible lighting in your office and/or examination room, let MSEC be your primary provider for flex lights.  Take a moment to browse our entire inventory or call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480 for any questions and assistance.  Our medical equipment specialists are standing by to help you.

Minor Surgery Light w/ Wall Mount

Item# 00091651DWAL
Retail Price: $2,947.38
Your Price: $2,433.97

This LED is a high-performance LED luminaire designed specifically for assi ...

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Isis Double Ceiling Mount Minor Surgery Light

Item# X-463-41DWAL
Retail Price: $5,607.18
Your Price: $5,241.04

Isis is a high-performance minor surgery light that provides superior quali ...

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Halux 35/2 Medical Exam Light w/ Wall Mount

Item# 021-321-31D
Retail Price: $537.29
Your Price: $452.29

The Halux 35/2exam light is ideal for critical locations and offers a combi ...

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