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24in Wide Bowl Two Compartment Sink w/ Two Drainboards Two Compartment Stainless Steel Sinks 30in Wide Bowl Two Compartment Sink w/ Drainboard
Two Compartment Sink (Economy Model)
Two Compartment Sink (Economy Model)
Two Compartment Sink (Economy Model) Two Compartment Sink (Aerospec Model)
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30in Wide Bowl Two Compartment Sink
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30in Wide Bowl Two Compartment Sink

Item# x8103-2FMARO

This 30in wide bowl two compartment sink is fully cartoned and easy to assemble.

Please see Specs Sheet tab for product dimensional specifications


  • Design saves precious space through use of bowl partitions
  • Custom style fabricated bowl for true gauge integrity
  • All sinks have a 3/4in radius at all intersecting planes
  • Stainless steel gussets are machine welded 360 degree to a stainless steel triangular plate
  • Gusset plates are fully welded directly underneath the sink for support
  • Polished to a # 4 blended finish
  • Legs: 1 5/8in O.D 16 gauge stainless steel complete with 1in adjustable impact resistant  plastic feet
  • Sink hemmed on the roll and backsplash to eliminate cuts from rough edges
  • Supplied with stainless steel drain basket and strainer
  • Space saving design eliminates 2in of length through the use of bowl partitions 


  • Material: 16 gauge 304 stainless steel bowl, 430 body
  • Water supply: 1/2in hot and cold
  • Legs height: 18.50in
  • Bowl depth: 14in
  • Faucet hole: 8in o.c. (faucets not included)

Note: This product is also available in Delux: 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and Aerospec: 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Department at 877-706-4480 or Ask the Pros prior to placing an order.

 Please refer to table below and see Options tab above

Option Bowl Width Bowl Length Unit Width Unit Length Cubic Feet Ship Weight
A 30 18 36 41.5 18 84
B 30 21 36 47.5 21 96
C 30 24 36 53.5 23 108
D 30 27 36 59.5 26 120
E 30 30 36 65.5 29 132
F 30 36 36 77.5 34 148








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