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Manometers with APL Valves Pressure Manometers Manometers with Max Hold and APL Valves

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Manometers with Harness and Adapters

Item# 572-00ACA

Manometer - Pressure - w/ 15mmF Inlet - Harness - 15mmM x 22mmM/15mmF Elbow

Note: Includes Manometer, Female Adapter, Neoprene Elbow and Harness.


  • Manometer - Item # 991-00ACA
  • Female Adapter (1/4") - Item # 1-572-00ACA
  • Neoprene Mask Elbow - Item # 254-00ACA
  • Harness - Item # 672-00ACA
Pressure Relief Valves (APL) Pressure Relief Valves (APL)
(sold seperately)

Pressure Relief Valves - Chrome Brass

Adapters - Mask Elbows Adapters - Mask Elbows
(sold seperately)

Mask Elbow with 15mm male on machine end. 

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