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Surgical Instrument Trays: Making an Informed Choice

When working with specific medical procedures it is convenient to have everything you need all in one easy to access tray. Surgical instrument trays are designed with just this in mind, easy access to the basic and advanced instruments and medical equipment supplies you need to treat the patient. There are several different styles and designs of surgical trays allowing you to choose the one that is right in the particular surgical theatre or treatment area.


One very popular style of surgical instrument tray is the stand type. The stand itself is adjustable so you can locate the tray right at the level you need it to be at for easy access to the materials. These instrument stands with the trays are typically made of stainless steel, which is very easy to clean and sterilize. The tray itself is fully removable from the stand allowing for easy tray preparation and cleaning as needed. The stand and tray are designed to be tip resistant with braces that prevent the stand from tipping forward with the weight of the tray or with pressure on the tray itself. The entire unit is movable with 2 inch ball bearing swivel casters, allowing easy maneuvering in a room or between different rooms as needed.


Different types of stands and surgical instrument trays can have different designs. Some have a single pedestal style while others have two legs or posts for added support and stability. The double post models are also adjustable in height, typically from 34 to up over 54 inches from the floor, allowing these trays to suit individuals of any height. In addition to being durable these trays and stands are lightweight and many have a limited lifetime warranty.


There are, of course, a variety of different types of surgical instrument trays that can be used on the various stand designs and models. A perforated instrument tray is a must in the operating room, with the small holes along the bottom and sides allowing for immediate cleaning and drying of instruments and equipment. The trays typically have a slightly raised or rolled bead to prevent the supplies from sliding or being knocked off the edge of the tray. Easy to clean and sterilize these trays are durable and long lasting, resistant to any type of damage and most types of wear. Drying trays, which come in a wide variety of sizes, have a flat, solid bottom and sides and are very practical to store, clean and use in any type of operating or treatment room.


Surgical instrument trays may also be designed with a much taller and more pronounced side or edge. This type of tray can be covered to keep items sterile and clean prior to the procedure. The covered tray is also important for being able to stack and store surgical materials when not in use. The deeper design of the covered trays allows larger equipment and instruments to be secured and maintained than the shorter sided drying trays. Like the other types of trays there are different sizes in covered styles, each with a corresponding cover.


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