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8in - Straight Rochester Ochsner

8in - Straight Rochester Ochsner

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Rochester-Ochsner Hemostats, 1x2 Teeth,  7-1/4 in

Rochester-Ochsner Hemostats, 1x2 Teeth, 7-1/4 in

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Rochester-Ochsner Hemostats, 1x2 Teeth,  9 in

Rochester-Ochsner Hemostats, 1x2 Teeth, 9 in

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In emergency and high-risk operations and procedures, doctors and surgeons rely on the use of high quality, dependable tools to perform their ]jobs successfully and efficiently, day after day. In the treatment of arteries, for a variety of medical approaches, these medical professionals rely on Artery Forceps, or hemostats, to perform in capacities that no other surgical instrument can withstand, in order to make life or death decisions regarding the health of their patients. When it comes to making life or death decisions, medical professionals rely on their tools to make their decisions come to fruition, without risking the lives of their patients because of the absence of the necessary tools and equipment they need most.


Artery Forceps are instruments designed to handle, grasp or compress tissues or organs, including arteries. These tools can either hold the artery in place or close off the artery, depending on the circumstances. Artery Forceps are designed with a locking mechanism, and are sometimes referred to as clamps, and are designed to grasp and hold an artery or surrounding tissue. When they are used to compress an artery to stop bleeding they are called hemostats.


Artery Forceps have a locking mechanism near the finger loops, and are referred to as Kelly-type forceps. The finger loops enable surgeons to handle tissues and arteries that cannot be held with the normal hand alone, and are generally positioned by the thumb and middle or ring fingers, while the index finger helps guide the instrument. As the forceps are closed, the teeth engage, keeping the instrument's grasping surfaces from separating. A simple shift of the fingers is all that is needed to disengage the teeth and allow the grasping ends to move apart.


Providence Hospital Forceps measure 5 ½ inches in length, and are designed with either curved or straight tips, for added flexibility during a variety of surgical procedures. Made of high-quality stainless steel, these forceps can be sterilized before and after each use, making them dependable, safe and reliable. These high quality Artery Forceps also offer a great value because they are available at discounted prices every day—so you don’t have to sacrifice success for lesser quality equipment.


Surgeons and physicians perform high-risk surgeries and procedures every day. This highlights the demand for reliable, safe and affordable operating and emergency room tools such as Artery Forceps, in order to maintain the integrity of hospitals and patients who expect high-quality treatment every time they are confronted with obstacles such as cardiac arrest, internal hemorrhaging, or for routine procedures as well. When it comes to success, doctors and surgeons demand the availability of these and other operating room tools to perform their jobs successfully and with confidence. This is why high-quality tools and instruments such as Artery Forceps are not only an option, but a necessity in all hospitals, operating rooms and wherever high-risk procedures are performed.


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